Our #ALSicebucketchallenge!

To the people who think that this is silly or a waste of water, I’ll agree with you. However, it has made a HUGE impact. From someone who watched firsthand how ALS can rip absolutely everything you have away and make your whole entire life, one of just observing and being in constant pain, with no relief, I thank you for your donations. I know that my sweet, loving, caring and brilliant father, now in heaven, thanks you.

you can choose to just donate here: https://www.supportbarrow.org/donateals

AZ Madigans partake in the #ALSicebucketchallenge to #strikeoutALS in honor of my dad! Together we can find a cure.

Love my bri girl! (at Urban Lights - Lacma)

All about the messy hair and red lips lately. #anotherselfie #ivetakensomanyselfieslately

Felt like I was in an arena. @needtobreathe brought the jams! (at Marquee Theatre)

"Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to. And love leaves exactly when love must."

love vs. reality of love

Instant mood lifter. Love seeing these guys. (at The Nile Theatre)

apparently nothing has changed. it sometimes seems like it does, but it doesn’t. still seem be the same girl I was many moons ago. not a bad thing?

  1. Camera: Photo Booth


"The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot" by Brand New

bad timing

(Source: sunsettting)

Making Xavier proud. (at Central Wine)

oh hey! I guess I still exist! I haven’t really updated this thing for reals in over a year I think.

well, I’ve officially been out of college for 3 years, I’ve had 3 love interests (one was very very short-lived, and was a mistake from the beginning, but one even likes me enough to have stuck around for nearly a year and counting!). I’ve quit 2 real jobs, plus a few random side crappy things, and I’ve even moved. being an adult is weird. I guess I’m not really an adult, considering I’m writing a tumblr post while watching a paramore concert on youtube on my tv (this update will take about an hour thanks to dance breaks).

a lot has changed in a year, and a lot hasn’t. moving home was weird, but good. I get to hang out with my family all the time (we live within a 4 mile radius). I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, but now I have my own private angel.

2012 sucked real bad. 2013 was pretty great, other than losing the man who taught me to love. 2014 will hopefully be the best yet. I kept trying to think of a good resolution for the year (2013’s were to stop letting myself be taken advantage of -check, and to wear more lipstick -check), but I couldn’t think of anything legitimate. then, while laying in bed, bored and watching tv I decided to throw a solo dance party and it just came to me: do all the things I’ve always said I would do, but never did. they aren’t complicated or crazy ridiculous, just never finished what I started. If I do even 3 of these things on the list before the end of the year, I’ll be happy.

2014 Resolutions

  • learn to play the drums - or at least a single song
  • make that damn leopard dress that I bought fabric for in 2011
  • get back on the road with a band, even for 2 days
  • take 6 rolls of pictures (maybe while on the road)
  • visit the grand canyon (15 years in AZ and never seen it)
  • keep my plants alive for a year
  • make everything on my pinterest “DIY” board
  • LEARN TO COOK - something, anything
  • walk/run 100 miles a month
  • run a marathon (really a half or something)
  • read 12 books
  • write a book?
  • make $100,000 (thanks to Joe for inspiration!)

Passed out at dinner. Takes after her Aunt Allie. (at Milagro Grill)

Happy birthday to my johso!

@kylegarchar feeding me a taco. Best ever.